The purpose of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club is to encourage, promote and dispense numismatic knowledge of Liberty Seated coins and to cultivate fraternal relations among its members and all those who share interest in the science of numismatics.

Membership is $30 per year, and includes 3 issues of the Gobrecht Journal and 12 monthly issues of the award winning E-Gobrecht.

Why Join?

Benefits of membership

Publications and research

  • Three issues yearly of the award-winning Gobrecht Journal, the journal of, by, and for the Liberty Seated Collectors Club
  • Monthly E-Gobrecht, an online publication of news, events, columns, and discoveries, available by email or download

Access to series experts

  • Networking with experts on each of the Liberty Seated series, from half dimes to Trade dollars, all eager to share their decades of expertise with you
  • Educational programs and social activities at many regional coin shows nationwide
  • Most key Liberty Seated reference books are authored by LSCC members who you can meet at shows and regional meetings

Knowledge is Power

  • Learn specialized knowledge and leverage it while buying and selling coins
  • Recognize rare die varieties worth a substantial premium

The Gobrecht Journal

The Gobrecht Journal is published three times per year. The Journal contains articles on all denominations of Liberty Seated coinage, from the half dime to the Trade dollar. Major research and feature article topics in the Gobrecht Journal focus on rarity and valuation of individual coins in each series and important variety discoveries.


Additional topics typically covered in the Gobrecht Journal include:

  • Individual denomination census surveys
  • 19th century minting processes and how unusual pieces were struck
  • Retrospectives on important Liberty Seated collections and collectors

The E-Gobrecht

The E-Gobrecht is the monthly electronic publication of the LSCC for the last 17 years, and is currently edited by Paul Kluth. The E-Gobrecht newsletter is published monthly and is available via email or download. It contains information provided by LSCC members and other various sources as a general service to the membership and other individuals with similar numismatic interest.


Special monthly E-Gobrecht feature columns by club experts include;

  • Latest Regional Meeting news and highlights
  • The Auction Realm, highlights and thoughts
  • Numerous series-specific monthly columns
  • Budget collecting articles and suggestions
  • A chat room and Q & A plus much more…..

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Liberty Seated Collectors Club (LSCC)

A non-profit collectors club dedicated to furthering the knowledge of coins designed by Christian Gobrecht, Chief Engraver of the Mint from 1840-1844. Christian’s design was adopted for all silver denominations starting in 1837.

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